Joeys (5-7)

Joey Scouts are boys and girls aged 5 to 7 years old who meet each week, together with trained leaders, for an hour of fun and activities like games, handcrafts, stories, pretend adventures, cooking, growing things and songs. These mob meetings (as they are called) usually follow a theme, and while having plenty of fun, Joey Scouts learn about themselves, nature, and the world around them. As the junior section of the Scouting Movement, Joey Scouts also learn how to care and share, look after the environment, do their best and help other people, but best of all they get to make lots of new friends and have heaps of fun. A short simple ceremony is held at the beginning and end of each mob meeting, as well as important occasions like the investing of a new member, and at the going up of a Joey Scout into the Cub Section after his/her 8th birthday.

As well as regular meetings in the hall, Joey Scouts also like to get out and about (either at normal meeting time or on a weekend), and as a mob go to all sorts of interesting places such as the beach, a wildlife park, the fire station or science museum, plus they enjoy flying kites, bike-riding, bushwalking, and more - wherever they go, there are always plenty of opportunities to learn new things and have lots of fun. Sleepovers and Mob Holidays are also held from time to time and are always very popular. It is great to have parents join in on these outings, excursions and camps, and quite often other family members can join in the fun too.

Joey Scout mobs sometimes buddy up with other local Joey Scout mobs for these activities (as well as visit each others mob meetings). A Joey Scout State Event is held every second year - Joey Scouts (and their families) from all over Tasmania meet up together for this special day event and get to enjoy a variety of different fun activities on a particular theme. Regional Events are held in the alternate year, and District Joey Scout Events are held regularly also. Joey Scouts meet up with youth members from the other sections in their Group and District at various organised events and activity days throughout the year too, so there are always heaps of opportunities to make new friends and try out lots of new activities.

Joey Scouts is a great introduction to all the adventures, challenges and life skills that Scouting has to offer, but most importantly of all, its great fun! New members are always welcome (and you can try out Joey Scouts for a few weeks before officially joining) so contact us today to find a Joey Scout mob near you.