Cubs Scouts is for boys & girls aged between 8 to 11 years old, offering everyone a chance for excitement, independence, and some serious fun! There are so many things a Cub can do. Each week, you'll get together with other boys & girls your age and be led into an amazing adventure.

That adventure will include a wide variety of things to do and see, including games, activities, craft, swimming, bike riding, canoeing, constructing things, craft, singing, campfires, dressing up, bushwalking, cooking, sailing, rowing, running, jumping, catching, climbing and lots more. You will also get to learn how to use a map & compass, tie knots, basic first aid and fun facts about your local community. You will get to go to camps, visit other packs, and just get out and about.

The Cub Scout Leaders are adults who have undertaken a nationally recognized training course, and may also have once been Cubs themselves. Your leader will have a name from the Rudyard Kipling story. The Jungle Book, so you will hear names like Akela (the lone wolf, and the leader of the wolf pack), Baloo (the bear & teacher of the Jungle Law), Bagheera (the panther & teacher of hunting) or many others such as Chil, Kite, Mang, Rama, Kaa, Raksha or Rikki. Whilst the Jungle Book provides the names of the Leaders, it also provides inspiration for many of the games and lessons learned in Cub Scouts, including our Grand Howl, which we do at the opening of every Cub Pack meeting.

At your first Cub Scout meeting, you will be welcomed into the pack and join in with one of the pack sixes. A six is led by a Sixer and a Second, who are generally some of the older Cubs who has been appointed by the Cub leader to help the other Cubs week by week and to lead by example.

After a getting to know you period or a few weeks, you will participate in an investment ceremony to welcome you into the Scouting family, and you will get to wear the national Cub Scout uniform and be able to earn special badges to sew onto it to show your achievements. These badges are graded by age groups, so there is a level for 8-9 year olds (the Bronze Boomerang), 9-10 year olds (the Silver Boomerang) and 10-11 year olds (the Gold boomerang), culminating in the opportunity to earn the highest Cub Badge, the Grey Wolf award. There are also a large number of achievement badges that you can earn along the way.

Cubs link to theĀ  Scout section following their 11th Birthday.

The Cub Scout motto is Do Your Best and you will get a great opportunity to practice this every week. If this is something that you think will interest you, contact your nearest group.