Kingborough District

Kingborough District is part of Southern Region and covers the most southern suburbs of metropolitan Hobart, together with a number of towns scattered along the D'entrecasteaux Channel further south.

The badge depicts an apple and a scallop, as these were the two major industries of the district for many years.

Sadly, there are fewer apple trees today. Although there are no longer enough mature scallops to support commercial fishing in the district, amateur scallop fishing continues. Several fish processing plants have been established in the district in more recent years.


Key: Joeys (J); Cubs (C); Scouts (S); Venturers (V); and Rovers (R).

Blackmans Bay - J C S V
120 East Tinderbox Road
Blackmans Bay TAS 7052

Latitude: -43.017222
Longitude: 147.325

Kingston - C S V R
Kingston View Drive
Kingston TAS 7050

Latitude: -42.9725
Longitude: 147.284167

North West Bay - C S V
Beach Road
Snug TAS 7054

Latitude: -43.061297
Longitude: 147.26184

Taroona - C S V
Apex Park
Taroona TAS 7053

Latitude: -42.949992
Longitude: 147.349392