Launceston & Tamar District

Launceston-Esk, part of the Northern Region, covers the central part of the city of Launceston where most groups have previously been in a number of other Districts.

The badge represents the joining of the North Esk and the South Esk Rivers in Launceston to create the Tamar River (front left). The sun rising in the east behind the North Esk.

This badge was previously a ribbon style in a strange pinky purple colour. In December prior to Jamboree, the badge was manufactured with gold/yellow taking the place of the orange.

Key: Joeys (J); Cubs (C); Scouts (S); Venturers (V); and Rovers (R).

4th Launceston - J C S V
Nunamina Ave
7249 Kings Meadows

Latitude: -41.470228
Longitude: 147.166408

George Town - C S

Soccer Club Room
Margurite Street
George Town TAS 7253

Latitude: -41.099722
Longitude: 146.824722

Newstead Baptist - J C S
Cnr Wentworth and Douglas Sts
Newstead TAS 7250

Latitude: -41.446322
Longitude: 147.16035

Northern Area Rover Crew - R
Riverside - C S
Tailrace Park
Riverside TAS 7250Latitude: -41.423839
Longitude: 147.115097
St Helens - C S
Summerhill - J C S
Talita Avenue
Summerhill TAS 7250

Latitude: -41.466733
Longitude: 147.125142

Tamar - J C S V
Cleaver Parade Royal Park
Launceston TAS 7250

Latitude: -41.4352
Longitude: 147.130003

Trevallyn (Rivallyn) - C S V
Tailrace Park
Riverside TAS 7250

Latitude: -41.423839
Longitude: 147.115097