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The Wellington District came into existance in 2004 due to rationalisation of districts. It is a combination of the previous Glenorchy and Hobart districts as which have their previous histories listed below.

Glenorchy is part of Southern Region. The present badge came into being in 1968 when the old Glenorchy - Norfolk District was divided up into Glenorchy, Glenorchy North and Derwent Valley. Within five years the latter two Districts had disappeared and Glenorchy District today covers the same area Glenorchy - Norfolk did 25 years ago.

The upper part of the badge represents a city skyline of Glenorchy. The green area represents the parks of the city. the lower section with the blue "ripples" represents the Derwent River which forms the boundary to the north of the District.

Hobart District, in the Southern Region, covers the centre of the city of Hobart.

From the original Hobart & Clarence District of the '40s & '50s, the metropolitan area was divided into:

  • Wellington in the central city area
  • Nelson covering the suburbs south of Wellington
  • Glenorchy
  • Norfolk covering the suburbs north of Wellington
  • Bowen covering the Eastern Shore.

The Wellington Badge showed the profile of Mt. Wellington. When Nelson District was disbanded in the early 1970s the District name changed to Hobart, but the badge remained rectangular with the mountain profile on it.

This badge, introduced in the 1980s is the only Tasmanian badge which is not rectangular or square. The back right is Mt. Wellington, while back left is Mt. Nelson with its convict era semaphore station mast. Front right is the Tasman Bridge, linking the District to Clarence.

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Key: Joeys (J); Cubs (C); Scouts (S); Venturers (V); and Rovers (R).

Derwent – J C S V
Domain Slipyard
Queens Domain TAS 7000

Latitude: -42.874936
Longitude: 147.335958

Glenorchy – J C S
23 Anfield Street
Glenorchy TAS 7010

Latitude: -42.827764
Longitude: 147.278417

10th Hobart – C S
Marieville Esplanade
Sandy Bay TAS 7005

Latitude: -42.895944
Longitude: 147.333731

Lenah Valley – C S
245 New Town Road
New Town TAS 7008

Latitude: -42.851944
Longitude: 147.299722

Mt Stuart – J C S
Community Hall, Byard Street
Mount Stuart TAS 7000

Latitude: -42.872975
Longitude: 147.304464


Mt Faulkner – C S V R
Shoobridge Park, Austins Ferry Road
Austins Ferry TAS 7011

Latitude: -42.782625
Longitude: 147.254294


Sandy Bay – J C S V
617 Sandy Bay Road
Sandy Bay TAS 7005

Latitude: -42.913361
Longitude: 147.355022

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Wellington Rover Crew – R
52 King Street
Sandy Bay TAS 7005

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