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Basic Training

Leadership Training 1

All new Leaders complete this generic 2 hour overview of scouting. The overview contains:

Introduction to Scouting

  • Aim, Principles, Law & promise
  • Code of Conduct,
  • Personal Safety
  • Adults in Scouting
  • Mutual Agreement

Field day

  • One day duration
  • Generic course & includes:
  • Technical tasks, knots, navigation
  • Overview of the training scheme
  • Support during training
  • Personal Safety, Scout Safe
  • Work book issued

Basic Leadership

  • Generic, 2 day weekend or equivalent
  • Personal Leadership Skills
  • Personal Safety and Scout Safe Management
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Award scheme fundamentals

Basic Skills

  • One weekend, section specific skills
  • Programming
  • Award scheme

On completion of the basic training plus experience and completing the work book:

  • “Certificate III in Business (Frontline Management)” issued.
  • If current Senior First Aid qualification, issue of “Certificate III in Leadership Support”.
  • “Certificate of Adult Leadership” issued


Advanced - Wood Badge Training

Leaders with at least 12 months experience have the opportunity to gain further qualifications by attending advanced training. This is called the Wodbadge.

Woodbadge training is made up of three parts:

Wood Badge Training Part 1 - Residential Weekend (2) - all Leaders to complete

  • Advanced Leadership Skills and Personal Development Skills
  • Advanced Workbook

Wood Badge Training Part 2 – Project

  • Project to take approx. 10 hours over a 3 month period, set & agreed with Wood Badge Training 1 Course Leader.
  • Supervised by the District Commissioner (DC) or nominee (Project Supervisor).

Wood Badge Training Part 3 - Evaluation

  • Completed 4 months after Wood Badge Training 1
  • Training & project evaluated

Following the successful completion for the three stages the leader is presented with:

  • Gilwell Scarf
  • Wood Badge Parchment
  • Beads
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Certificate IV in Leadership*

* Current Senior First Aid qualification