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We are now approaching the pointy end of the Youth Program Review where decisions will be made about some things close to our hearts. The first of these will be to look at the Law and Promise followed by the Scouting Principles and Spirituality. Tied in with this are issues like whether we continue having separate versions of the Law and Promise for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts or whether we go with the ‘One Promise’ proposal. Below is an excerpt from Scouts Australia's Consultation.

Looking at the Scout Promise & Law and Principle statements: the next step in our evolution

As Australian society is rapidly moving forward, we need to continuously consider how Scouting should also evolve, and ensure as many young Australians as possible can feel included in our Movement.

Scouts Australia has been talking to our members, and has found a disconnect between the current wording of our Promise and Law, and the experiences of many of our members.

There is a strong feeling amongst many members of Scouts Australia that some of the wording they are required to say is not consistent with their beliefs or their current use of language. The end result is we are either losing members, or, some of our members are using words they don’t actually believe in.
For these reasons, we have been looking at the wording and language of the Australian Scout Promise and Law, and how we can put it in a more contemporary Australian context, while still maintaining its key principles. After much research and discussion, we have provided some new wording for a revitalised Promise and Law that we believe young Australians will find easier to commit to, and to follow.

To provide clarity in the Fundamentals of Scouting, we are also proposing updated wording for the Scouting Principles of Duty to God, Duty to Others and Duty to Self, as well as a definition of “Spirituality”.

As a valued member of Scouting who has made our existing Promise, live by the existing Scout Law, and strive to achieve the Principles of Scouting, we want to hear from you.

Please go to ypr.scouts.com.au/promiselaw to find out more about the rationale behind this proposal, and to provide your considered and constructive feedback. Your response will assist in preparing a final proposal.

We believe that it is very important that we know how Tasmanians feel about these changes rather than relying on word of mouth or national results. We have prepared a questionnaire, very similar to the national one, but including a third option of retaining the current versions (currently the Queen of Australia  is optional). We still want people to have their say at a National level and complete the National form, but we would urge everyone to also complete the Tasmanian form below as soon as possible.

We need everyone to have their say, whether it is positive support for the changes, or an indication that you prefer the status quo. Remember, failure to provide feedback allows other to speak for you and is usually interpreted as indicating either, indifference to, or tacit approval of, the changes.  Our future is in your hands.

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For more infomation please visit ypr.scouts.com.au/promiselaw and download the attached documets below.